FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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Are the oats used in McCann's Irish Oatmeal products Non-GMO?

Yes – all the oats used in McCann’s products are Non-GMO. However, we cannot guarantee that McCann’s Irish Oat products are completely Non-GMO. Although there are no GMO products grown in Ireland, the EU does authorize a small number of imported products to be used in Ireland. Therefore there is a possibility, between farm and mill, that our oats cross paths with GMO materials.

Are McCann's Irish Oats gluten free?

We cannot guarantee that McCann’s Irish Oats are completely gluten free. During the supply chain process, between farm and mill, there is a possibility of our oats crossing paths with other grains, such as wheat and barley. Cleaning equipment within the milling process would remove the vast majority of these grains along with other elements such as stones and straw.

How long is an opened can/box of McCann’s Irish Oatmeal good for?

If they are stored in ambient temperature and humidity, they will be good until the Best By Date listed on the package. To prolong the shelf life, you can store the product in the refrigerator.